FEW of us would like to know who is watching our profiles on social networks. Those who do not want to hide will be able to comment on your photos and posts, but there are those who follow you on a daily basis but do not want to give it to you.

There are some tools you can still find out, and some of them are more accurate than others.



A huge number of suspicious applications that promise to show you who is watching your profile proves how much this question is about people and how desperate they are to find out who is watching their profile.

Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow its users to find out who is watching their profile, but there is one place in that network where you can see who is tracking you. These are Facebook Stories, for which there is a list of those who looked at them, and only you see.

Additionally, if you allow people to follow you, you will be able to see those who regularly follow your posts and do not want to become your friend on Facebook. Who can find the one by going to your friends’ list and selecting “Followers”.



This social network is devoted to events and opinions, and less private photos and activities, and placing it on it is not as important as Facebook.

If you are still interested in who follows your posts on Twitter, there is a method to find out about it. Twitter Analytics Dashboard provides you with a range of information, such as the success of individual tweets, the number of clicks on the links you posted, the gender, location, age, and interests of people who responded to your posts, but so you will not know who exactly is standing.



As with Facebook, an insight into who your stand will give you Instagram’s Stories. In addition to each of your stories, you will get a list of users who viewed it, whether you are following Instagram or not. If you lock your profile, your friends will only be able to see your stories, but if you leave it to the public, they will see whoever wants it.



As most people know, Facebook and Instagram’s stories are a regular copy of Snapchat, which for some time was the sexiest social network. He has also launched a trend in showing people who have watched a particular video. In addition, users also informed others if their screenshots were to be recorded.



All of these LinkedIn networks are totally opposed. Her “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” option is a goddess to anyone who wants to know who is watching their profile. It’s a little more frustrating when you want to stick someone, but there is a solution.

Users can not see the names of people who visited the profile in private mode, even if they pay for it. Also, slipping others without revealing your identity is possible by selecting the “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” option in the “Profile Viewing Options”, but then you will not see the identity of people who have your profile.

Source: http://www.6yka.com/novost/135241/evo-kako-mozete-doznati-ko-gleda-vase-profile-na-facebooku-i-instagramu