The ear is part of the auditory organ and consists of three parts – the outer, middle and inner ear. The outer ear and the middle ear are mostly responsible for hearing. While the inner ear is responsible for hearing and balance. Ears should be regularly cleaned to prevent infection or hearing loss due to excessive accumulation of cerumen.

You feel that your ears are full of wax, but you cannot grab it stick for cleaning? Do not try to clean yourself.

Doctors warn that the sticks for cleaning the ears, as well as the removal of wax from ears with the help of cotton stick is very dangerous and that discharge should leave such as it is. Unless because of that, you feel certain ailments.

Cerumen in the ear or earwax is a natural substance produced by the glands in our ear canal. It has a significant protective and antibacterial role and serves for lubrication. However, if it is too much precipitated and compressed, there is a clogged ear which is not such a harmless problem as it seems at first. The process is not always simple. Too much wax that is too dry or sticky can create an obstruction, and propensity to this problem is usually caused by genetics.

The excess of wax is one of the most common causes of delicate loss of hearing but is also the easiest to eradicate.

You can clean it yourself at home, but only if you follow a few rules carefully.

Do not use a Q-tip, toothpick or some similar sharp objects that can puncture the eardrum.

In fact, any attempt to clean the wax from the ears can cause the secretion of the secretions in the bottom of the channel.

It is best to occasionally pour a few drops of mineral or baby oil into the ear, wait for the wax to soften, then turn to the other side and let it leak out.

If additional intervention is needed, try to inject a little liquid with a syringe into the ear or tilt your head in the shower. After a few minutes, straighten and let the water, together with the ear fat, drain from the ear.

Another method that you can use to clean your ears is the mixture of alcohol and white vinegar. Firstly, you need to gently wash the outside area with a washcloth. Then use a solution of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to help dissolve the wax gently and naturally.

Here’s exactly how you should do it. First, in a small bowl mix together equal parts distilled white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Soak a cotton ball in the liquid and then tilt your head so that the ear you want to clean faces upwards. Gently squeeze the cotton ball to release a few drops into the ear opening and wait 4-5 minutes. Now you can straighten your head and dab up the remaining liquid as it drips out with a tissue. That’s all it takes, you don’t have to poke anything up your ear or spend a bunch of money.