Piling, hydration, cleaning …

Cold, dry air due to heating and high-temperature changes are just some of the negative winter influences that our skin is suffering during the winter months. In order to restore a healthy shine to your skin, we discover how to prepare your skin for your face and body for warm days.


Skin is our largest organ, but we often neglect it and do not take care of it, especially during the winter. However, our skin needs adequate care throughout the year, whether we want it to look healthy and nurtured.


In the winter we are more inclined to eat stronger food, we move less, we use a more intense makeup so because of all this before the spring comes the skin needs to be adequately prepared and made a little detoxification.


Some of the great tips on how to prepare your skin for the coming spring, let’s find out below …


Regular scrubbing

Skin, both face and body skin, should be performed on a weekly basis to remove dead skin cells and to clean the skin’s surface layer.

It is especially important to perform body scrubbing, even several times a week, as it stimulates circulation and prevents the hair follicle. Facial scrubs are enough to work once a week, especially if your skin is thin, dry or sensitive.

With regular peeling, your skin will look much nicer, and you can make a natural mix of peeling yourself homemade with just a few ingredients. Look for the recipes here.


Hydration from the outside and from the inside

And sprouts on the branch already know how much hydration is essential for our health and for a fresh and glamorous look. Hydration is also necessary for a beautiful skin look, and with the addition of sufficient liquid, you can also hydrate your skin and various cosmetic care products.


Cleansing the skin

One of the most important commands when it comes to the skin is definitely that it is related to skin cleansing.

Going to sleep with your dirty face is one of the greatest sins you can do to your skin.

So make sure you take off your makeup before bedtime and clean your face from all the dirt that has accumulated there throughout the day.


Face masks

The face mask should, like peeling, be an unavoidable part of your beauty routine.

It is not necessary to use it on an everyday basis, but only a few times a week, depending on the needs and type of skin.

You can make a mask yourself at home with natural ingredients, although there are many different types of face masks on the market for everybody’s needs.

Facial masks are especially recommended for problem skin, and it is best to use clay or charcoal masks to extract impurities from the skin.

After using such masks it is necessary to feed the facial skin with a nutrient cream.


Change in beauty routine

During the winter season, we use different cosmetic products more often than during the warmer days.

Already start thinking about what products will be introduced to your spring beauty routine as well as about what your products will no longer need.

For example, during the winter, we use nutritious face creams, while for a warmer season we will have some light moisturizing cream or serum.

The same goes for make-up. Instead of heavy powders, choose the lighter makeup for the spring, such as BB and toned creams or lighter powders that will not burden your skin.

In addition to these steps, we can take a nicer and healthier skin, keep in mind that equally important nutrition, enough fluid, and physical activity are equally important.

Namely, if you are healthy eating and exercising, you will feel better and feel much better.


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