A little blue pill? Forget it. The desire for sex can awaken something you eat, drink, or smell. The magic word is natural aphrodisiacs. They boost libido, and most of them are already at home, or we can easily get them.


An aphrodisiac is, however, all that exacerbates a polar impulse or excites us. It may be a scent, a picture, but also a foodstuff. The primer has a myriad: a little nutmeg like a spicy dish, asparagus as an appendage, or a praline for dessert. Or ON can feed you in the bed with candies, or you may be pampered by smoothing it out of vanilla oil, whose smell is a reliable aphrodisiac.


The strongest aphrodisiac, however, is always in our minds.


  1. SCARG

It looks like a phallic symbol, and it is indeed a first-rate aphrodisiac. Amino acid asparagine contains improved blood circulation in a small carcase. The asparagus is up at the end of June, so it is time to try them.


  1. Fish

Fatty fish, such as salmon or sardines, contains omega-3 fatty acids, and they are also important for good blood circulation – which is a necessary condition for good sex.



People believe it is a good lifestyle for impotence and loss of sexual desire. Celery is reportedly found in hormone-like substances, which is our own hormones. In every painting, it does not hurt if you try.


  1. Onion

Even as old Egyptians used it as a means to improve the power. Because of the “specific” smell, it is important, however, to eat it too, because otherwise, it could quickly spoil the party.



It stimulates and provokes euphoria. Neurotransmitter phenylethylamine is a desire for love. If SHE is not in the mood, HE might be fed with chocolate candies or chocolate bars. Of course, without any last intention…



It is that green, angry salmon served with the drought, and the Japanese believe they do wonders. So, if you are having a romantic dinner start at a dry-serving restaurant, order a double portion.


  1. Caviar

It is thought to be a sexual desire, and in combination with vodka, even twice as many. In any case, the alcohol relaxes but does not need to be overturned.


  1. Vanilla OIL

If you are planning an erotic massage, make sure that you get vanilla oil. This smell stimulates and stimulates the sexual organs. Hot chocolate with a little vanilla is a real love drink.


  1. POTATO leaf

Strongly makes the mucous membrane swell. And not just in the mouth…


  1. Nutmeg

It contains a mortician, which stimulates libido. Bark as a spice in a cafe or in a meal – and it can start in the evening.


  1. Imagination

The most reliable aphrodisiac. The imagination is, in fact, what can break us faster and more than any food, smell or photograph. So, include a bio script in your head and with sex, there will be no problems.


Source: https://zena.blic.rs/sex/11-prirodnih-afrodizijaka-koji-jacaju-libido/930hp9g