Every part of our body is an indicator of our emotional soul and destiny! In the following post, we are presenting you some important information about your love life!

The heart line is an important indicator of feelings and everything related to love. The way the two lines stand when you connect your palms reveal what your and partner’s intentions are.

Put your open palms together and check where the two heart lines are connected.


If the lines are on the same level!

These people have a mild character and it’s important for others to think about them. They are looking for a serious relationship and are not prone to frequent changes in their lives.

If partner lines are connected to the same level, you are lucky! He wants to spend a lot of time with you and is not someone who’s gonna bother you.


If the line on the left hand is lower!

These people love older partners and are very wise. They are very romantic, do not care for social rules and seek love. They often rely on their sixth sense, which they rarely cheat.


If the line on the left hand is higher!

Love is not seen as the main reason for their happiness. He does not rush into serious ties. Once they choose someone for themselves, it’s usually someone who is much younger than them or a different nationality.

They are very confident, independent and have clear goals in life. Obstacles and problems are overcome without any problems.

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