There are objects we see or use every day, but we do not know exactly what they are used for.


Below you will find out what the purpose of these things is:


The Loop on the back of the shoe

The loop with the opening, located on the back of the shoe, has two uses. It can serve as an additional hole for attaching the leg around the leg and also for shoe tapping.


Round section of the bottle tap

Such disc-shaped parts are contained in carbonated beverage closures. Without them, the liquid from the flask evaporated.



Small opening on the bottom of the padlock!

This opening prevents water from entering the pit and damages it, and in winter it protects the frost from freezing. Also, through it you can pour a few drops of engine oil if the gable is stuck.


The hole in the vacuum cleaner handle!

This hole is designed to reduce the suction power when, for example, we clean the curtains. Likewise, this zipper protects the thinner from the overhang, and also helps if something stuck in the pipes.


Window lock mechanism!

By pressing this mechanism that exists in some windows, I change from “summer” to “winter” and vice versa. It is designed to adapt the windows to weather conditions, to function properly and to last longer.


The holes and gears on the meter!

You must have seen them but you did not pay attention to what these parts of the meter are used for. In the holes, you can easily hook the heater to keep the meter in the place where you want something to touch, and the gears leave a trace so you do not have to mark the pencil.



The letters F and J on the keyboard!

The dashes in the letters F and J on the computer keyboard are used to help blind people to know which part of the keypad they are holding and that they can find the letters.


The hole on the stick of a lollipop!

This mysterious hole serves to keep the lollipop firmly on the stick because the hot caramel begins to slowly melt.



The different side of the tuft to remove makeup!

You must have been warned that makeup remedies have a different look on both sides. One side is smooth and the other is embossed.

With a relief side, the makeup is applied to the face, and the smooth surface is cleansed.



A sponge cover around a Microphone!

This covers with sunshade on microphones are not just for decoration. It is used to keep the airflow off and you will not hear the sound of the lashing when the microphone is used.

In professional music studios, these covers soften the sound of blatant (explosive) consonants that give a lot of striking sounds when the person sings.