We all know that exercise is good for organisms – burns fat, is good for circulation and health of the cardiovascular system and keeps the muscles toned. This is great for those who enjoy running 15 kilometers on the runway (though they do not get anywhere), but what about people who want to lose weight but hate running?

Did you know that there are ways to lose weight without exercise and sweat or strict diets? There are several ways to lose a few pounds, not having to wear, dress up a trainer and go jogging and putting jogging shoes, but stay home and do nothing and lose weight again. Here are these tips:

Tips for weight loss without exercise

1.  Eat healthy food for breakfast

Unfortunately, this means that for breakfast you can’t have a bread with fries and burgers, but you do not even have to skip breakfast. An abundant breakfast with nutrition rich in protein such as eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, ovum or yogurt will reduce appetite and fed up during most of the day, meaning you will eat less, especially among other meals. A good choice of breakfast foods is the basic part of every weight loss program, and if you want to lose weight without paying attention, you must pay attention to the first daily meal.

2. Sleep more to lose weight without exercising

Better yet, rest and sleep can help lose weight without having to exercise. Some studies have shown that you eat more when you are stressed, tired, and exhausted, and that overgrowth is associated with anxiety – the so-called “emotional overuse”. By the same token, if you are asleep, you will eat less. Do not forget about meditation – it can also help with weight loss without having to exercise.

3. Breathe deeply

We certainly have to breathe in order to live, but did you know that you can lose weight only by the way you breathe. Deep breathing, which activates the diaphragm, increases the level of oxygen in the blood, which then accelerates the burning of fat, and is also a condition for stomach muscles. The process is quite simple – breathe through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth.

4. Buy new plates

The easy and easy way to cut your meals is to eat them from smaller plates. When using smaller plates, you automatically reduce the amount of food you eat. This will certainly not give you results overnight, but for a couple of months you will notice the difference – you will be slimmer without it!

5. Laugh more

Although it does not sound like an exercise of that you will lose weight – is effective. Not only laughter calms nerves, but is also good for the immune system, burns calories and tones the abdominal muscles. If you laugh 10 minutes a day burn about 50 calories. This is certainly the most fun way to burn calories that exists.

6. Spice up the food

Some research has shown that spice foods give a quicker sense of satiety. Add in food spices, including onions and peppers. This will keep up your metabolism and eat less, and you will not feel hunger.

7. Try with more “intimacy”

Great news! Making love is another great way to lose weight. Depending on your personal preferences (and athletic abilities), you can burn 100-200 calories over half an hour of sex. This is certainly a much cooler way to lose weight than having a hard time exercising in the gym.

8.Lemon water

Start your day with a glass of lukewarm water that you have added lemon juice (you can also add honey if you like). This is a fantastic, natural energy drink after which you will feel much more energetic and better start the day, expel the toxins from the body and speed up your metabolism.

9. Try to autosuggestion

Although not effective in each, plenty of people claim to have lost weight so they “learned” not to eat then you really are not hungry. The next time you reach for food or some snacks, ask yourself first: “Am I hungry or just thirsty?” We often need water, but we feel like hunger. Drink a glass of water and see how you feel. If you are hungry afterwards, then you really have the need for food. You will certainly not stop eating (and that is not necessary), but if you start thinking about it in this way – you need more water than food, you will begin to get away from unnecessary eating.

10. Start writing a diary – what did you eat all day?

Begin to remember everything you’ve eaten – it will take you only a few minutes in the day, and will really help you see how much you eat, so you can easily reduce the amount of food you eat if you need it.

And finally, do you know how many pounds you have? It is not the case that people hide this information from themselves and refuse to stand up to the scale. If you know how much you weigh and monitor progress, it will help not only to avoid further cultivation, but it is also a great incentive to try to lose weight.
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