Every month, all women of this world – from puberty to menopause are tormented by the same – menstruation. Yet, this completely normal occurrence is a little talked about, and even less is written. It is a pity, as ladies could learn a lot about their health, only on the basis of a menstrual period. Your period can give signs of some serious illness in the entire body.

What you need to pay attention to is:

  Bright blood may indicate a problem with the thyroid gland

If you use oral contraceptives, the appearance of light blood is common. But, if you do not take birth control pills and blood is very bright, the middle of the possible hormonal imbalance. Visit the endocrinologist!

You need to report immediately to your gynecologist with painful and long periods.

Many people believe that the strong pain during the period is somewhat normal. But they are not right! Women often believe they have to endure intense cramps, but in that case, you have to do something about it!

If your period is late or absent, it’s usually a sign of pregnancy. But if the pregnancy test is negative, consult your doctor.

The absence of menstruation can indicate a disorder in the body. It could be about developing insulin resistance or diabetes.

Sudden bleeding may indicate polypeptides on the cervix or on the womb itself.

When the cycle is completely normal, but between the cycle, there is bleeding, the causes can be very serious. If you are taking birth control pills, this is normal. Otherwise, this may be due to a high level of estrogen in the body, and even the first sign of cancer!

Is the blood very red, similar to cranberries?

If it is, then everything is fine! But if the secretion is suddenly brighter than normal, then it is very likely to be an estrogen imbalance, which can have serious consequences.

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