Want to see the new season in good shape? Are you particularly interested in a flat, tight belly? Then we recommend keeping these 8 “enemies” at a reliable distance, and of course, introducing intense exercise of the abdominal muscles for the fastest and best results.

  1. Sweeteners

    The renowned substitute for sugar in chemical composition is alcohol but is derived from the sugar molecule. The sweeteners have sorbitol, mannitol, and other ingredients, which you can often find in cakes, especially in the muffins. Because your digestive tract cannot absorb them, they are not your best friends and can cause gases, bloating and diarrhea.

  2. Carbonated drinks

    Coca-Cola and similar carbonated drinks can fill your stomach with air so you will feel bloated. Instead of carbonated drinks, drink water or beverages without calories that are rich in antioxidants.

  3. Raw food

    Processed raw foods can be quite difficult to digest and lead to accumulation of weight in the stomach. Three cooked tomatoes have the same intake of nutrients as three raws, but much better and faster digest. It is best to consume only cooked food or very small doses of raw food.

  4. Spicy food

    Foods seasoned with pepper, chili, garlic, mustard, horseradish, and cloves can stimulate the release of acids into the stomach, leading to frequent irritation.

  5. Excessive intake of carbohydrates

    White flour, bananas and paste filled with glycogen are not the best friends of your stomach because only 1 gram of glycogen collects up to 3 grams of water. Well, if you do not run a marathon the next day, there’s no need to consume such a large amount of carbohydrates.

  6. Gum

    It may be good for your breath, but do you not know that chewing gum can cause vomiting? When you gnaw the swallowed air, that air “chokes” in the digestive tract, which can then lead to vomiting.

  7. Fried foods

    Do you love French fries and donuts? Now it is time to say farewell to them. All fried foods are harder to digest and cause you to feel slower and bloated. Time to Face the Truth: Fried food is bad food!

  8. Foods that produce gases

    Some foods simply cause more gases than others and irritate your digestive tract. Among them are peppers, cabbage, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower and citrus fruits.


Source: http://www.kafepauza.mk/zivot/hrana-koja-treba-da-ja-izbegnuvate-8-najgolemi-neprijateli-na-ramniot-stomak/