In addition to attracting wealth to your home, this plant is very delicate and decorative and will enhance every room. One of the most famous Feng Shui carriers of negative energy in the home is the lush, green plants that will yield not only positive vibrations but also wealth.

According to some verdicts of eastern teachers, there are plants that bring more money to householders, more precisely, attracting the wealth of wealth and prosperity. It is believed that the presence of a cash plant in the room has a positive impact on the job and gives the owner a better profit. That’s why they are a great choice for the office, and in some Asian countries even they are transferred from the knees to the knee.

Japanese wood, dollar wood, prune … are the names for Crassula ovata plant. The wood of coins or coins originates from the area of South Africa. The name was obtained on sheets of an oval shape that reminded of a coin of money.

It belongs to affluent plants (leaves are fleshy, water storage). It can reach a height of up to 3m, although such a primer is something to go. It was a flower in the winter, until the spring, with tiny white flowers.

The soil to be planted is the same as for cacti and other related species (40% of peas, 20% of forest humus, 20% of land for flowers, and the rest of small gravel, perlite, broken bricks). Like most relatives, it requires a winter break (October-April) when the plant needs to swim with as little water, 1-2 times during the whole winter.

The temperature during that period should not fall below 0 because the plant will be frozen, but it is ideal at about 10 ° C. If the plant can not provide these conditions, it may be hot in winter. Then bait something more often. It does not require a big pottery, but if we get a bigger saffron, we’ll have a better harvest.

There are two ways of reproducing. The first is to cut the twig (5-15cm), let the cut last for 2-3 days and then put it in the soil and peat (50/50) or pure stain. Gathering in 3-4 days. It is important that the soil is not always soaked because the cuttings will burst. They need to be in the shade. Cutters will release the root for a few days when you can plant them separately in a better quality land.

The percentage of scarred cuttings is almost 100%. Another way is to reproduce from the list. The list simply needs to be torn off and laid on the ground. For a few days, the leaf will let roots in the part where it was attached to the branch.

When tapping a list, make sure that the leaf is full, or broken, with only the tree. By this way of thinking, young plants are obtained, and the percentage is about 50%.

Therefore, the first method is recommended. According to Feng shui, the plant should be kept to the right of the front door to make more money. Cranberries are suitable for bonsai.