When we bumped into the trick of ” Salty and Sweet Visualization Exercise” from the book “The DNA Restart. Sharon Moalem, MD, Ph.D., came up with the genius strategy. It would almost instantly kill the sweet cravings. But we did not put too much hope into the end result. However, we tried it because it lasts only five seconds.

What’s the trick about?

When next time you find a cake, ice cream, cake and the like, and you cannot stop eating, stop for a few seconds. Then imagine that a piece of cake (for example) is covered with large and bitter sea salt. And you have bitten that sour salt! The “vomiting” reflex will automatically appear as a reaction!
Moalem speaks from experience. “The first time I tried it, I was at dinner at a friend’s house. They had made homemade doughnuts topped with Nutella for dessert,” he remembers. “I did the visualization with the salt shaker, imagined unscrewing the top, dumping it on the doughnut and taking a bite. Then, it immediately elicited a little bit of a gag reflex. I don’t think I could have eaten one if I were forced to.


Although we love salty foods, people have an aversion to excessive salt food. This is because our ancestors avoided such food because it was potentially poisonous, as Sharon Moalem, a neurologist, and author of the abovementioned book, argues.

This trick can also be used on other types of food, not just sweet options. Sharon even went so far that the ice cream covered with large salt and deliberately placed a spoon in his mouth so that his mind remembered the negative reaction to the ice cream.

This second step surely seems too big, but it does not cost you to try that first one!

Source: https://www.nezavisne.com/zivot-stil/hrana-pice/Isprobajte-ovaj-trik-i-rijesite-se-zelje-za-slatkim-za-pet-sekundi/459734