Many people this time of period feel depressed. Others just are not in a mood for anything. Do not hesitate, this is just a period. It is called a winter depression. It will pass and you will feel better. In addition, we are providing some pieces of advice. Here are some that deals with winter depression for good!

It is estimated that about 5% of the population suffers from winter depression (seasonal affective disorder), while another 10% to 20% of people have a milder form of this mood disorder.

Winter depression occurs due to the lack of sunlight during the colder part of the year, which disturbs the inner clock of the body and can adversely affect the mood. Symptoms that can still occur include concentration problems, increased need for sleep, weight gain, and a particular need for carbohydrates.

Some of the foods that can alleviate the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder include: sea fish – tuna, mackerel, salmon (thanks to vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids), green leafy vegetables that abound in vitamins B, integral grains that also abound B -complex and prevent sudden changes in blood sugar levels, bananas that are a good source of potassium and vitamin B6, and nuts that provide energy and stimulate the production of serotonin, and thus favor mood.