More and more patients are subjected to this method. Recently, the “New York Times” magazine published a study by James C. from the University of Australia. More and more patients choose roundworms-based treatment. Nematodes (Ancylostoma duodenale) are injected with water or pressed into the skin to penetrate into the body through them.

Allegedly it cures various health problems, from allergy and inflammatory disease to multiple sclerosis.

Advocates of this therapy state that people today live in too sterile conditions. Those hurt immunity and that parasites can help the body to re-strengthen its natural defense mechanisms.

While most critics oppose their allegations by calling their actions smarter, some cases indicate that such treatment may be effective.

“I certainly do not consider it acceptable, but I fully understand those people. It is about illnesses that greatly disturb the quality of life and for which there is no helplessness. Modern medicine can do nothing “

An expert who has tried this method for several years now says that therapy temporarily alleviated the symptoms of eczema and allergies that it has. However, its effect varied, and the unwanted effects were too unpleasant and therefore decided that the treatment would come to an end.

Today, patients are advised to be very vigilant if this drastic step is decided, but it points out that they are often too desperate to seriously understand his advice.