There are remains of clothing, dust, stones, and crumbs on many irons. This, of course, makes ironing difficult, so it’s important to properly clean the bottom of the iron. Here’s how.

Black and brown stains on the iron are an indication that you did not care well for it. On some of the better irons, such accidents rarely occur, but most of them encounter this problem.

The bottom of the iron is really not difficult to clean, and we’ll show you several ways. You choose the one that suits you most.



Detergent for dishes!

Mix warm water with a small mild detergent for dishes. Wet the wad into this soapy mixture and gently wipe the bottom of the iron. This method of cleaning is the most ideal for Teflon-like iron. For more serious contamination, select a different cleaning method.


Sea salt

Sprinkle on the cotton cloth (1 tbsp). Heat the iron to the strongest (turn off the steam), and then cross over the cloth and salt with several times. The dirt will stick to the soot and the bottom of the iron will remain clean.

Mix vinegar in equal proportion. Put in a bowl, then heat on the stove. Remove from the stove when it dissolves, but before the vinegar is boiling.

Wet the cloth or towel in this heated mixture and gently rub the bottom of the iron. If necessary, you can use a plastic “wire” for scrubbing in the most difficult areas of contamination.

If you need to clean the holes in the iron, it is best to soak the eyelids in the vinegar and rub it with a hole.


Wax removal!

If your wax is glued to the bottom of the iron, you can easily remove it by using a newspaper list. Just put it on the ironing board. Turn on the iron at the strongest, and then you go over it through the newspaper until the paper absorbs “waxy matter”.



Mix the equal parts of baking soda and water, and with this paste rub with the cloth bottom of the iron until it is cleaned.



Apply a little toothpaste to the bottom of the iron. Stick with a cloth to soften the dirt. When rubbing a paste, turn on the steam and iron the cotton cloth for 5 minutes.