Most of us have their favorite sleeping position. However, this does not mean that every position is good for health. There are three classic positions, and the best is …

Worst sleep mode:


On the stomach!

This is the worst way to sleep. The muscles of the head, neck, and forearm are pressed, stiff joints on the forearm and the position of the lower back and spine is bad. Imagine finishing your wet scrubbing – that’s exactly what you do with your muscles in your dreams. You expel them and “mourn”. Also, during sleep time, your stomach cannot breathe well.


On the back!

Sleeping on your back is better, but here’s the most prominent breathing problem. In this way, the fork expires, the tongue “falls” to the throat, which can block the air supply. Who sleeps on their backs most often has snoring problems, and can also lead to sleep apnea, a noisy breathing disorder.

The most sensible way to sleep is on the side!


On the side!

It is probably best to sleep at your side, especially if you have a good headrest pillow and an extra pillow on the side so that a leg that does not lie directly to the nipple also receives support and rest. From neurological and muscular perspectives, this is the most comfortable way to sleep and makes the body of your body the best. This position is good for digestion, especially if you are sleeping on the left side because it restores the part of the digestive system where the esophagus passes into the stomach.