If you are looking for a reason to go skiing this year, we have the right answers! Prepare your skis because, after reading our article, you will want to start tomorrow!

For some, the first snowflakes are a sign that it’s time for warm clothes, blankets and hibernation. For others, it means that it’s time to get rid of wax, to stretch the skis and to ‘climb’ the slopes. Skiing is a great sport that combines staying in nature and physical activity, but also exposure to the sun, which we miss so much during the winter. Just for you, we bring all the health benefits that this incredible sport gives us.


Stronger bones and joints!

While skiing, knees must support our weight and withstand the tension that creates as we drive downhill. In this way, they become stronger and stronger. Likewise, our bones must withstand this effort, and as a result, they become stronger and stronger. Stronger bones and joints mean less possibility of damage or illness like osteoporosis in old age.


You’re becoming more flexible!

Strengthening your bones and muscles, you develop your flexibility. Not only that, but you will also avoid any future extensions or serious injuries to your muscles. Good stretching before every skiing will help and strengthen your abdomen and hips, so you always dedicate some time to good exercise before you go to the slopes.


Cardio training!

An average of 70 kilograms in half an hour of skiing consumes about 220 calories, which is a very good figure. If taken into consideration and that this half-hour passes in the party very quickly, skiing is really imposed as an excellent winter cardio training. When you add to this and fresh air combined with physical activity, it’s clear how much skiing is actually healthy for your heart and lungs.


It strengthens the muscles of the lower body!

As you ski, you are constantly in the position of the squat, so it is no wonder that it strengthens the muscles of the lower body, such as quadriceps, glutes and thighs. Working on these muscles in the gym is often difficult and strenuous, but while skiing, we enjoy the nature around us and the company of our friends, and you will not feel the characteristic burning and tensing. Do not worry, so you will surely feel the results and see your muscles.


Improves your balance and torso!

Since we constantly strive to stay balanced during skiing, our torso muscles are included all the time. These are muscles whose main function is the stability of the pelvis, the connection of the upper and lower extremities, and the help of breathing. It means that you also work on the muscles that are important for your spine and improve your balance. And since few people really like to do exercises like bangs or pencils, we think this is an ideal way for these winters to use slopes for a little work on their torso.


Fantastic antidepressant!

Skiing, like other winter sports, encourages the brain to release chemicals like endorphins, adrenaline, and serotonin, which act as antidepressants and improve our mood. Not only that but also the sun’s stay improves the production of vitamin D in our body, which also acts as a natural antidepressant. Skiing is also a social sport, and the surroundings of people, especially those we love, like family or friends, are proven to improve our mood and will affect our mental health.


You will sleep like a baby!

As everyone who was on skiing knows, it really can be exhausting. Likewise, we all know what comes after a busy or exhausting day – a deep sleep. Trust us when we say that after skiing, you will finally get enough sleep as you wanted for months. Is there anything better than that?


Better proprioception!

Proprioception is a type of sensation that relates to the position of our body and its parts. In short, it is the self-consciousness. As you already know for sure, skiing and coordination are extremely important in skiing, so we must constantly be aware of their position and every, even the smallest movement. That’s why skiing is great for improving proprioception, which weakens with age, so it would be a good idea to work on it while you can.

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