Many people ignore some of the signs of serious illness, and there are also phenomena that attribute the wrong significance.

The appearance of wrinkles is not only beauty problem, but also for the health. What are wrinkles deeper, the problems are greater.

The way wrinkles appear on your face reveals something about your health and body. The old Indian teaching, Ayurveda, says, the way wrinkles appear, reflects the inner processes that become so visible. This equally concerns physiological processes in the organism as well as thoughtful efforts and emotional disturbances and turbulences. According to Ayurveda, the face is divided into three zones – forehead; nose and cheeks; mouth, chin, and neck.

Ayurveda believes that the problems visible on the forehead indicate troubles with the large intestine. It may signal the anxiety, fear or concern. Likewise, all can be seen on the nose and cheeks suggesting problems with the intestines. also with anger, jealousy or frustration. And that on the mouth, chin, and neck may indicate the difficulties with s chest and stomach, and perhaps to indicate sadness and depression.

The meaning of wrinkles and lines

Horizontal lines at the forefront are also known as lines of care because people who are very concerned about life.  They often have the habit of wrinkling their foreheads, and so are those lines.

But these lines may also be a sign of excess liquidity or sugar in the body. But also the indication of too much fat intake.

According to another interpretation, these wrinkles may also indicate a lack of hydration. Especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors, if you are an adventurous spirit and love adrenaline sports, so you are too exposed to the sun.

Vertical lines between the eyebrows may warn of heavier liver function

These wrinkles can also be an indicator of the stubborn nature and personality that is very difficult to relieve the things from their own hands. If you recognize this description, then stress exerts the best out of you. And the stress is a culprit for the specific cramping of the muscles that cause the formation of these wrinkles. Limit the intake of caffeine drinks, as it stimulates the secretion of liquidity, as well as dehydration.

The left vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows can be a sign of the problem with the spleen. A deep vertical bow at the root of the nose may indicate a tendency to allergies or be an indicator of a low sexual appetite.

Eye wrinkles

Tiny lines that spread from the outer corners of the eye, can point to visual problems that make you unconsciously scurry, just like in the bright light. I can also warn about weaker liver function. They also show that you are a dedicated and diligent worker, who is filled with curiosity, and that’s why you pay much attention to detail and strive for perfection. Sure, wear more frequent sunglasses and sleep on your back to keep your skin around your eyes as little as possible.

Deep vertical lines near the mouth may be a sign of weakness in the reproductive system.

These lines also give optimism, and you always look for a positive side in everything, so people like to be in your company.

It causes them to lower fat tissue in the cheeks, and if you really love to laugh, it will become even more pronounced. Take the lemon and soothe the wrinkles, because citric acid tightens the skin.

If they are highly pronounced, these wrinkles can also point to problems with the pancreas or diabetes.

Vertical wrinkles above the upper lip can give the smoker, but also refer to the lack of sexual activity.

The deep wrinkle on the chin can show that a person is suffering a great sadness or frustration. It can also be a sign of strong sexual impulse.