Sugar paste is a depilatory agent consisting of sugar, lemon, and water. Ideal for sugar paste is that you can make the mixture yourself, at home. When removing hair with sugar paste there is no fear of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. The pain is inevitably smaller than waxing, and with time it significantly reduces the number of hairs and becomes softer and less frequent.

In principle, this mode of depilation contributes to the closing of the hair follicle and prevents its growth. After waxing with sugar paste, your skin will be gentle and smooth as your baby. There are no allergic reactions and other unpleasant side effects. As fact that it contains only natural ingredients that please the body and do not stick to the skin like wax. Sugar paste is also recommended for removing hair from the intimate parts because it is extremely gentle and sensitive, as well as for hair removal on the hands and face.

Ingredients for the preparation of sugar paste

1/4 lemon juice (fresh)
1/4 cup of water
2 cups of sugar

Mix all the ingredients and put them in a deeper bowl so leave to cook at high temperature for 4 to 5 minutes. When boiling, remove from heat and pour into a deep pot, preferably a metal. The mixture should look like caramelized cake sugar. Leave to cool a little – not too much, so start with separation; part by part, by stretching fingers mixture until it receives a structure similar to the chewing gum. If necessary, add a drop of water – no more.

Instructions for sugar paste waxing

Before you begin waxing, clean your skin well in places where you are planning to remove hair. It would be best to place a little baby powder in this place so that the skin would dry out further. Make sure the hair length is no longer than 5 mm. The procedure is performed by applying a separate part of the paste to the place where we want to remove the hairs, making sure it is glued to the opposite direction of the hair growth! Then, a glued piece of paste pulled it off in the direction of growth and it is done! As you can see, the procedure is different than waxing wax where the wax is removed in the direction opposite of hair growth.

After waxing, rinse your skin with water and put a cream that suits your skin type. Depilation sugar paste initially repeat 2-3 times a week, and later go to once a month because it will by then hair thinning considerably but will be no need for such frequent removal. Never use the used mixture for the second time, but make a new one!

Hair removal with sugar paste suitable for women who have problems with varicose veins and cracked capillaries. In a word, sugar depilation is recommended to everyone.