It’s true when they say that food is a cure. At least, some food.

You need to know that not only helps in maintaining weight but also greatly affects the way we feel. Therefore, we should choose foods that are healthy and beneficial for us. Also, avoid food that creates some additional problems and negatively affect our mood and sleep.

When you are under stress  avoid carbonated and other high-sugar drinks

When stressful situations arise, Coca-Cola can be the best choice for many. But people who drink more than 1 can of soda in the day face 3 times more risk of depression and anxiety, compared to those who do not. This is because such juices are rich in artificial sweeteners that contribute to increased weight and problems associated with obesity, but also a worsening mood. Instead, it is recommended to take 1 cup of yogurt with honey and nuts, which improve mood, and at the same time help us to sweeten.

When you are depressed to avoid the white chocolate

Although you think that the sweet will help you feel better in depressed moments, however, white chocolate is not the best choice for it because it does not contain cocoa. That means it does not contain the ingredients that contribute to improving your mood like serotonin. If you are taking chocolate, it’s better to get dark. More cocoa means more fortunate chemical ingredients, but also less sugar, which can only make you feel worse when you are depressed.

When you have no energy avoid the sweetened coffee with whipped cream

Instead of picking up a coffee that will first give you energy, then it will take away your energy in the half hour. Instead, coffee, take dry fruits and nuts that contain potassium. That helps your body turn energy into sugar and which will improve your mood and energy right away.

When you cannot fall asleep avoid hot milk

Forget about what our mothers were telling us about hot milk. This remedy can only make it worse, because of the protein that contains the milk. In addition, milk slows down digestion and makes it harder for us to fall asleep. In addition, the secretion of serotonin is reduced, a hormone that makes us feel relaxed. Instead, get popcorn.