Why is it good to be socially active?

Only 10 minutes of talking to another person can improve memory and intellect, according to scientists at the University of Michigan.

Even a ten-minute conversation with someone can improve memory and intelligence, a new US research has revealed.

“During our study, socializing with others has proved to be as effective as some more traditional mental exercises to improve memory and intellectual abilities,” writes Oscar Ybarra, a psychologist at the UM Institute for Social Research (ISR) and a researcher with ISR psychologist Eugene Burnstein and psychologist Piotr Winkielman of the University of California at San Diego.

By browsing data from 3610 people aged 24 to 96, a link was found between a high level of social interaction and developed cognitive functions.

A short interaction of only 10 minutes increases intellectual ability

During a second experiment, scientists performed a laboratory test to evaluate how social interaction and intellectual exercises affect memory and mental abilities.

“We realized that a short interaction of only 10 minutes increases intellectual capacity as well as involvement in, we call them, intellectual activities”

Regarding the result, a visit to a friend or neighbor may seem to be equally important to the sharpness of the mind, as well as daily tackling of crosswords.

Ybarra stressed that social isolation can have a negative effect on intellectual abilities, as well as on the emotional stability of a person.


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