This diet is excellent for an elimination of bad cholesterol. It is also effective in melting and greasy deposits.

The DASH diet was the eighth time in a row declared the best diet in the world. This is according to experts from the US National Institute of Health. Immediately behind it is a Mediterranean diet.

The DASH diet was born as a research project. It was founded by the National Institute for Research of Heart, Pulmonary, and Blood Diseases in the United States.

The basic idea was to devise a diet that will prevent pressure build-ups. It also proves to eliminate bad cholesterol, and nothing less effective melting and greasy deposits.

The DASH diet is based on vegetables and grains of whole grain. As well as low intake of red meat, sweets, and sweet drinks.

Regarding the criteria for selecting the best diet, to get top rating diet should be easy to follow should be nutritious, safe, and effective for weight loss. It should not be encouraged diabetes and heart disease.

In explaining the decision, scientists have argued that DASH is not a wholesome diet. It is a healthy diet that supports long-term lifestyle changes.

DASH and the Mediterranean diet are constantly listed as the best choice. This is because it is a diet because that does not completely eliminate any type of food. They are well balanced and easy to implement because they include various foods that are fine and saturated. Behind them is a whole series of studies that have proved their beneficial effect on health.

On the other hand, a limiting diet like the keto and Whole30 diet is not good. Because while limiting the intake of a particular type of food can lead to a rapid weight loss. Also, any diet that completely excludes some type of food has a great potential to have a counter-effect upon completion of the diet.