When you wake up you probably enjoy the period of silence and peace. Maybe the only thing you want to get is a big coffee cup. Or first you want to find out what’s happening in the world, so you check your phone…

Everyone has rituals in the morning. Those that sleep until the last minute and those who stand up in time to get ready to go to work or school.

Again, there are those who perform physical activities that make them happy each morning. Therefore, they spend the day feeling lively and healthy.

No matter what your morning rituals are – as long as they help you start the day the way you want and in the way that will make for a good, productive and successful rest of the day.

Morning rituals can depend on what you have in mind during the day. But also, they depend from what time you are getting up in the morning, and how much free time you have for morning activities. As well as ahead of other obligations that you expect during the day.

Morning activities can greatly affect how your day will be. So make sure to start your day in the best possible way.


What are good morning rituals?

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal during the day. When you get up, eat something that’s nourishing, what you love and what you will enjoy. That will give you enough energy to start the day.

It would be good for you to do some simple physical activity. It will make you feel awake and fresh. When blood passes through your body, you will have more energy and feel better! So that will also reflect on the rest of your day.

If you can not find the appropriate morning ritual and have not been able to find out what helps you start a successful day, you can be inspired by some successful people.


Some of the rituals of world-famous successful people can also be your rituals:

  • Founder of one of the most popular social networks in the world – Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, usually gets up at 8 o’clock in the morning, and what helps him do not lose time during the day and start with his business as usual – just dress up. He has more examples of all the clothes in the wardrobe, so he wears the same “shirt” every day, so he does not spend time planning what he will wear.
  • Rickard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, loves to have a sunrise in the morning, which is why he always leaves a little shaded. When the sun has fallen and begins to grow stronger, then it is his time to rise. The first thing you do in the morning is doing some extreme sports or swimming, then playing tennis and just having breakfast.
  • Jack Dorsey, the founder of the social network Twitter, rises up very early – at 5:30 am. Then meditates and goes to a morning running. Only when he does this can begin his day.
  • Director of Disney Company, Robert Iger, likes to get up very early. According to him, this is the time he has for himself and for whom he enjoys. “It’s a time of which I’m full of batteries, I take my bare head and connect with the world. I read the news, check it out, take a look at TV. All at the same time “.


It is very important to recognize which morning activities are in front of you, limiting you and not helping you make the most of yourself that day. Such routines should be abolished immediately.

Morning is the time when we determine what the day will be. Everything starts with your decision to change things better and start a successful day and mark the rest of your life with success.

Source: http://www.kurir.rs/zabava/zena/2372153/jutarnji-rituali-za-ceo-zivot-sta-prvo-uradite-kada-se-probudite