You want to recover your hair and try a little experiment that requires no harm for at least five days. How do you do that?

You must have heard how long it is time to make a “break” with hair removal and rest from the different preparations we put on it. Sometimes it happens and we do not get to wash hair because of a great tiredness or obligation, so we are the best ally in these situations of gums that we connect to the tail.

We’ve found a few different ways you can stylize your hair for a week, starting from the day you washed it up to the day you need surgery, which is at the end of the working week…


First day

Start the day with clean and wrinkled hair that will create a perfect base that will last until the end of the week.


Second day

Reflect the refined hairstyle with the relaxed waves you will make with the help of figurines or catches. Brush the ends so they go outside – away from the face. After twisting, wrap your wrist with your fingers for an even more comfortable look.


Third day

Hair slowly starts to look too straightforward and lifeless. This will change with the addition of volume and texture in hair root – dry shampoo. Rinse the cream over your head and brush your hair. A perfect look is guaranteed.


Fourth day

Your hair is visibly dirty. Use the head oil to create an ultra-sophisticated bead with a side bend. Correct the tails and apply a little hairspray that will keep everything in place.


Fifth day

It’s time for a high-profile hairstyle that saves everything. This hairstyle is ideal for any occasion, whether it is a business lunch or an evening out with friends. Raise the hair at the height of the thread and tighten it. Decorate the accessories like a lace with a lacework with an interesting lace.