If you notice that the child is constantly scratching, it is irritable and easy to cry, maybe it has lice. Head lice proliferate and spread very quickly, feeding on blood from the scalp, and their bite causes severe itching. They are most often got by children aged 12 to 14.

Destroying the lice

There are more products on the market that successfully ruin the lice, but only if they are used properly. Namely, shampoos, lotions or powders affect the lice. But they are less effective when it comes to eggs, which take about seven days to turn into the larva. Therefore, the application of the means for destroying the lice needs to be repeated after about seven days and thus preventing their reproduction.

However, with the exception of special products, it is possible to remove and prevent their spread and small tricks.

  • Spread on your hair a vegetable oil (olive or sunflower). Then wrap your head with a plastic foil or simply place a bathing cap. Wait for one or two hours, then wash your hair with a special shampooed enriched regenerator. This will make it easier to combine after washing. In this way, you will first deprive lice air necessary for survival. Also, it prevents the admission of hair and skin.
  • Take a warm vinegar and rub the scalp of a child. Vinegar makes it possible to separate the lice or its eggs from the hair.
  • Every day, actually several times a day, comb the hair with the comb with thick teeth. In this way, you will remove some of the eggs, and the part will destroy and thus break the biological course of the development of that parasite. If you destroy three to seven eggs a day, you have prevented them from developing an adult, capable of fertilizing, therefore multiplication, for ten days.
  • Before the child goes to school or kindergarten, apply a few drops of essential lavender oil, best on the back, on the upper part of the head, behind the ear, but on the cap and on the collar of the shirt or dress. The smell of lavender repels lice.

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