Because of the cold winter days, many of the hands are quite dry and become rough. Sometimes there are small wounds on the surface that are hard to heal. Modern creams often have ingredients that do not help solve this problem.

Prepare yourself your own hand cream, ingredients that you can eat and which will heal and nourish your skin and protect you. This is a combination of ingredients that we find in healthy foods. You can find all the ingredients in health food stores, mostly in the better-equipped ones. Buy Vitamin E in a pharmacy in the form of oil capsules. Vitamin E is your ally if you want nice skin and hair.


RECIPE for hand cream:

This cream is not only a hand cream, it can be used for the entire body but also as a hair mask. The result will be great!

My hands (shown above) were red, irritated, dry and rough two days ago. This is the result after two days of using the cream. Take the skin several times during the day, especially if it is damaged.



  • 45 g of coconut oil;
  • 35 ml of almond oil;
  • 45 g of shea butter;
  • 45 g of cocoa butter;
  • 1 capsule of vitamin E;
  • 1 tablespoon of honey;


A few drops of essential oil of lavender (gives a scent but you can omit it because it is not crucial for the quality of the cream itself)

Place All the ingredients except honey in a small bowl and warmed them up on a low heat to dissolve everything. Mix occasionally until you receive the oil texture. Coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter can be harder than you expect, so be patient. Then add honey and shake well. Pour into a clean jar and let it stay at room temperature – it will take several hours for it. Do not keep in the refrigerator because the texture will be bad. Although the quality of the cream itself will not change. And that is that! Apply the cream as needed, after washing your hands or dish, or before bedtime. Keep the jar closed.