These small creatures of animals are a little harder to catch because they are hiding over the day. Set them simple traps – leave the papers in a suspicious place and look underneath them in the morning.

The easiest way to get rid of snails is to use fertilizers containing chemical poisons. Dangerous substances will kill the snails, but traces of poisons will remain in his house. Pets and even children can come into contact with these chemicals. Remnants of poisons can also be the cause of poisoning birds that will bite them.

Try first with harmless tricks. Place a barrier around your favorite plants. For example, make a fence of sand or egg shells. For this, you can also use thin copper plates that dig into the ground at a depth of a few centimeters, which is a pretty good solution.

Do not sprinkle salt, although it is an effective way to get rid of them, as this increases soil salinity, and this can hurt your plants.

Leaving beer in small containers is not a desirable solution although it works. Snails love beer and will either drown in a pot or be poisoned with alcohol. But so you will attract large snails in a small area so they can cause great damage in a short time.

If you’re willing to experiment – listen to American scientists from Hawaii who claim that caffeine sprays snails. Sprinkle the water that you have obtained by dissolving a double dose of instant coffee in a cup of water, sprinkle the soil or leaves (although the leaves of some plants lose color). It allegedly destroys the nervous system of the snails, causes confusion, speeds up the work of the heart, which will not lead to your garden.