Nostradamus is one of the most prominent prophets, and for the following year, he foresaw some really big catastrophes. Considering that many of his prophecies have been fulfilled, such as the French Revolution, the landing of the moon and the atomic bomb, maybe we should worry about his 2018 prophecy.

Nostradamus predicted several extremely negative events for 2018, which should completely change the planet as we know it today.

The French prophet predicted that the world will be confronted with changes in nations. Also, there will be several major natural disasters that will spur the world.

What will happen in 2018 according to Nostradamus?

According to him, the next year will erupt the Vesuvius volcano, followed by a strong earthquake. In the 2 disasters, life would lose 16,000 people. He also predicted another earthquake in the western part of the United States that would be felt worldwide.

In his prophecies, it is written that at the beginning of the 21st century a war will erupt in France. War will spread throughout the rest of Europe. Nostradamus announces that the great war will begin during these years. It will begin from the terrorist attacks that took place in France and the invasion of the Arabs and Muslims. He claimed that after a troubled period of 20 years, peace will be reign in 2025, but “few will enjoy it.”

Who was Nostradamus?

Nostradamus was born as Michel de Notre Dame on 14 December 1503 in France. He was a doctor, an astrologer, and a prophet. His book “Prophecies” is published in millions of copies and today is the most famous book of prophecies. The first edition appeared in 1555, and from the day of publication, it attracted much attention.

Nostradamus is believed to have predicted the future by placing water in a deep bowl. He watched for a long time and saw visions for future events. He wrote the prophecies in verses and in a slightly wrapped form of fear not to blame him for witchcraft. Partly he was safe from such accusations because he was a favorite of Catherine de Medici. She was prone to the occult.

As centuries passed, so the world began to develop mixed feelings about this prophet. Many see Nostradamus as one of the greatest scammers of all time, while others consider that his prophecies should not be taken lightly since much of it has already been fulfilled.