Although it may seem like a simple and minor task, taking off a sneaker or shoe before entering the house is a step you should not skip. Do not you trust us? Below you will find all the reasons why you should introduce.


  1. Destroy floors with time

Hard shoes, as well as heels, are more abrasive than socks or slippers. So, for a longer period of time, you can be sure that you will get drunk with more scratches and damage if you allow it to enter with shoes. In addition, small particles of sand that we collect daily on shoes cause wear and tear of carpets.


  1. Inject the harmful toxins that pollute the air in your home

Studies have shown that the chemicals used to treat the lawns are carcinogenic as well as the tar asphalting the road. With your shoes, you bring them on a daily basis, and these tiny toxins like to sink into the unavailable corners of an apartment that is harder to clean. Keeping your shoes easy to protect your health.


  1. Shoes make the dust to spread everywhere!

Of course, it’s not all that you’re feeling poisonous, but a lot of it is dirty. If you want to ease your life and reduce the number of hours you spend on cleaning and floor washing every week, ban the entry to the house in your shoes. Instead, invest in two mats- one for the inside and the other for the outside so when you visit the guests you will have a double chance to catch the dirt before finding your way to your kitchen.


  1. The best place to find the worst bacteria

A recent study at the University of Arizona found that frequent contact with “fecal materials” in public toilets, parks, and streets is conducive to the location and development of a number of nasty bacteria, including E. coli bacteria. EW!


  1. Feet need to relax

Your foot has the biggest support during the day, so it is extremely important to give it a rest when you’re out of motion. In addition, walking with your bare feet helps your feet and feet to strengthen.

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  1. Why would the neighbors know when you are home?

If you live in a building or home and have neighbors on the floor below you, it is really not right to walk in your shoes, especially if you have wooden floors. Be polite and considerate.


  1. You came home from work and it’s time to relax

Do you really need an excuse to get all four in the air? Of course not. When you take off your shoes, your brain subconsciously tells you that your work day is over and that it’s time to relax. Go ahead, you deserve it.