Like humans, the dogs have the five senses that they use to navigate around the environment – a sense of smell, hearing, taste, touch and vision. People mostly rely on the sense of sight, but dogs more trust their senses for smell and hearing. Look at the other senses of the dogs and what they can predict.

  1. Earthquake
    The belief that the dogs predict earthquakes originated after a Greek historian wrote that the dogs had left the city before an earthquake began. It is assumed that this ability comes from their strong sense of hearing. Unlike us, dogs can hear the high frequency of rocks moving underneath the earth’s surface signaling an earthquake.
  2. Storm
    Did you happen to smell the rain? Although it sounds strange, sometimes people can smell when a storm comes in. Because the sense of smell of dogs is 40 times stronger, they can predict the storm 40 times faster.
  3. Childbirth
    Usually, the mother knows exactly when the birth begins, but she is not the only one. Some people believe that dogs have the 6th sense of detecting this condition, but in fact they better read body language and emotional changes in humans. Because of this, your dog may know before you that the birth begins.
  4. Seizures
    It is obvious that dogs are a great emotional support for people with various medical conditions. But they can also predict someone to have an episode. Although there is no explanation for this, dogs can warn the owners 12 to 20 minutes before the seizure takes place.
  5. Cancer
    Another incredible thing that can “smell” dogs is cancer. Many people said that their dog behaved strangely before they got the diagnosis of cancer. Some dogs are trained to smell the chemicals present in the tumor.
  6. Negative energy
    You probably trust your dog’s instincts. If it does not want a person, there may be a good reason. Dogs better read human body language even from chimpanzees. In addition, they can smell alcohol, drugs and other dangerous materials that are unusual for their surroundings.
  7. They know when you’re coming home
    Is your dog always waiting for you at the door? Do you wonder if it may have been sitting there all day? Although it sounds sad, luckily it does not. Your dog knows when you come in because he can recognize your car’s engine. If you are not driving, it will almost certainly identify you by something else.