Dear ladies, these are questions about sex that we should set ourselves up. It cannot hurt, but only increase the pleasure in the bed.

What do I really think about sex?

The opinion we have about sex depends on how we are educated. Although girls now have more free perception than before. However, there are still those who think that sex is only for “bad” girls. Examine your opinion on sex and try to replace all negative thoughts about it with those positive ones. For example, if you think that sex is only for “bad” girls, consider that every girl deserves to enjoy sex.

How well do I know my body?

Many ladies complain that the partner does not know enough of their body. Especially the intimate parts, so they cannot find the “sweet spot”. We expect men to know everything, but since this is not the case, the easiest solution is to first get to know our body and then transfer their knowledge to them.

How to easily reach orgasm?

Think about all the details that you enjoy and help you reach sexual climax. Where do you most like to have a partner touch you? What tempo sex is best for you? Do you love sexy roles? When you answer these questions what is it that gives you real pleasure in sex, you will enjoy sex more.

Do I focus too much on my partner?

Many ladies are making so much effort to satisfy their man that they forget that they themselves should enjoy sex. Let yourself relax, because you deserve it, and the partner will certainly be happy to see you enjoy.

What do I think about my body?

The opinion you have about your body directly reflects on how much you enjoy sex. If you have a bad opinion about your body. Try to write down at least one positive thing about your body every day on paper. Do this until you finally realize that you should appreciate what you have – even if you do not like your stomach, breast …

Do I get into sex for the right reasons?

Bad sex with the person you love is one, and the sex that makes you feel bad after that is completely different. The situation in which we feel bad after a sex, usually comes when the circumstances that have “taken you” to bed are complicated. So, consider what are your reasons for sex. Whether you are getting close to your partner, whether it is after the quarrel, or you may be simply aroused.

What kind of touches you enjoy?

In order to truly enjoy sex, it is important that you know all the points of enjoyment on your body. For many lady breasts are “hot spots”, others like thighs, back, neck … Others also enjoy rude, others in gentle touches. When you discover what feels good, talk to your partner about it.

Am I normal “down there”?

A common woman’s concern is: ‘Do I have a normal vagina?’ It is best to get to know your intimate part of the body in front of the mirror, but Dr. Hilda Hutcherson says that the vagina should not be a concern unless you have a chronic infection or a similar health problem.

In any case, do all to find out about his sexy side. Firstly, for yourself, then for your partner.