A rosemary helps with malnutrition, especially to children. It improves appetite and mood, improves stomach ache, nourishes nervousness, and eliminates fear.

Aromatic rosemary is another in a series of pearls. Old Greeks devoted him to goddess Aphrodite, Hungarian queen Elizabeth used to rejuvenate, and in us an unavoidable detail on weddings. It has long been known that his needles relieve pain, and the ancient peoples put it on the wounds. Also, it also relieves menstrual pain and regulates an irregular cycle. Tea and rolls of rosemary reduce a headache that occurs due to stress.

This plant also has a positive effect on the concentration and functioning of the brain, significantly reducing the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Proven to improve memory, so they call it an “herb plant”. It has a very antibacterial and antispasmodic effect, so it relaxes the muscles and protects the organism from bacteria.

It is used as a spice in the diet, because of the pleasant smell and the medicinal ingredients and for cosmetic purposes. Rosemary is made of tinctures, oils, and melts. For tea, it is best to use fresh, or without, flower buds. Pour them into the bundles; dry them in the dark and windy place.

The oil of this plant eliminates fatigue, relieves tension in sudden stress and helps with an eye infection.


Combined with a wine, it strengthens the heart!

Roast fresh rosemary marrow in a rope of black wine, the best homemade. Keep the mixture in a glass bottle and shake seven times a day several times a day. After that, drink each day for a cup, before breakfast and lunch. Positive results will appear after a month.


Homemade tea!

Put 30 g of rosemary into boiled water. Leave for five hours to quench and rinse. Drink a cup twice a day before eating. This drink improves soreness, alleviates overweening and mildew.


Mixture for a better memory!

Mix 30 g of rosemary, 30 g of butter, 20 g of sage and 20 g of basil. Pour half a liter of boiled water, grind, and cover and leave it for half an hour. Then drink/eat the mixture.


Oil massage!

Put in 0.5 l of olive oil in a handful of chopped leaves of rosemary, sage, and walnut. Squeeze in the pan and leave it in the sunshine for four weeks, occasionally shaking. Then proceed and keep it in the fridge. With this oil, you can massage the body or skin of your head, let it work for hours, then shower and wash your hair.


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