The German media report about the “miraculous” healing of a sick eight-year-old girl. The girl has had a malignant brain tumor. She has been operated four times but cancer has returned all four times.

Neither chemotherapy nor radiotherapy was of any assistance, unfortunately. The last hope of the parents was Dr. Olaf Vit from Heidelberg, a pediatric oncologist specialized in brain tumors.

In cooperation with the German Cancer Research Center and the University Hospital in Heidelberg, Vit and his colleagues got the opportunity to use gene sequencing technology and decoding the genetic code of the tumor within three weeks.

“In the past, it took at least a year for a patient,” Vit said.

Its team of 20 experts – doctors, molecular biologists and Biocomputing scientists, have analyzed 500 cases of diseased boys and girls.

“It turned out that in half of the patients we can ‘digest’ the code and find genetic changes,” explained a 52-year-old doctor.

These modified genes cause cell division, causing tumors to appear.

“In a maximum of five percent of cases, we can find a suitable liver, which can prevent this increased cell division,” Vit explained.

However, in the case of Antonia, there was a sensational turnaround: a new still disapproved lord held a brave girlfriend in life for almost six months. It comes in the form of a pill a day.

Little Anthony became part of the study and the first patient in Germany treated with precise control.

“Antonia subjected to magnetic resonance every two months. She made a examine last Thursday showed no picture of the tumor in the pictures,” Vit said.

However, by the time the product reaches the market, it will be successful to be tested on a large number of patients, which could take years.