As small, and perhaps now, you’ve certainly seen the famous Christmas movies and enjoy the atmosphere. But what if you can visit such places in real life? These Christmas markets are among the most beautiful and the happiest in the world. You will feel like you are in a real Christmas fairy tale.

Christmas market in Vienna, Austria

Every Christmas in Vienna holds an amazing Christmas market. Christmas songs are sung, you can make candles and cookies, and have plenty of lovely Christmas food. The festival runs from 17 November to 26 December. Well, if you want something different, visit this incredible event.

Christmas market in Florence, Italy

This market is just one of the many events in Florence this season. And here you can participate in all workshops, and do not forget to warm yourself up with a warm wine and buy some wooden decoration for your Christmas tree. The market is open from 28 November to 17 December. The streets and squares in Florence are decorated with beautiful lamps, tulips, and lamps, so get ready to make amazing photos. In the heart of the city, there is a huge tree that you will surely want to see.

The village of Santa Claus in Lapland, Finland

This village can be visited all year round. It has an entire park with snowmobiles, as well as a farm with deer and husk. Do not forget to visit the world of the snowman in which there is an igloo hotel, sledding and more. You can also visit the frozen bar if you want a drink and make a treat for the perfect holiday.

Christmas market in Strasbourg, France

This market has traditionally been held since 1570. You will hear church bells that capture the Christmas spirit, and the aroma of seasonal foods spreads in the air. Do not forget to try the warm wine and pancakes that are the trademark of the festival. The market is open from 24 November to 24 December. Eat, drink and be happy because it is the season.

The Christmas Market in Denver, Colorado

With lots of lively music and dancing, this market will surely keep you on your feet. Here you can taste ginger cookies, bread with marzipan, German bread with cheese, sausage made on charcoal, warmly seasoned wine and many extraordinary delicacies. It is advisable to go with a full wallet because there are countless stalls with beautiful crystal decorations, handmade dishes and much more even work. The market is open from 17 November to 23 December.