The time of the holiday knows that it is stressful, both for the home budget and for preparation and euphoria. Feng Shui helps in home decorating and contributes to well-being. It offers tips how to decorate a Christmas tree. To create a positive energy in our home. The feng shui fir tree is of paramount importance as it will bring harmony to the home.

An evergreen tree symbolizes longevity and friendship. The triangular shape of New Year’s Christmas tree is a symbol of “fire” in feng shui, and the best place for this symbol is in the room that occupies the upper left corner of your house.

This space is considered “the surface of wealth,” and triangular shapes and objects made of wood are particularly strong. Placing a fir in this place will attract wealth and prosperity to your home!

Also, good places for New Year’s Christmas trees are generally all the corners of the house or the central part of the house. Those places are where the energy stabilizes during this stressful season.

In case you have planted a tree in the north, decorate it with glass decors of blue, white, silver and gold. On the west or northwest, decorate it with white, silver, gold and yellow tones, but not red.

If the tree is on the south-western or north-eastern part of the home, decorate it with yellow and red tones and a lot of ceramic decorations, while white and silver are not recommended.

 In order to contribute to a better family relationship, it is advisable that each member places at least one decoration on the tree since it also sets his personal energy. Wherever you put a Christmas tree, make sure you do not block the flow of chi energy through your home.