How much open mind and free spirit you see in people around us and their behavior, you can notice that a part of people are spiritually rising at a very high speed, while the other part of people (as a rule larger) is accelerated rapidly, viewed from a spiritual and cultural perspective.

Other people mainly resorted to watching TV instead of doing things that would just help to raise culturally, morally and spiritually. Not only be one in a series of “modern zombies” that rushing into a new shopping center or watching new rivals a show that is served on your favorite TV programs.

The majority of those from the first category, who went through cultural and spiritual development, increasingly watch TV or have stopped completely. Realizing that today almost everything can be found on the Internet, the need for TV becomes a past.

If we add to this the awareness of how much the TV program is responsible for manipulating the human mind and how much they actually only filtered the information that will not disturb the status quo, the conclusion is then very clear and the choice becomes logical and so obvious that it is difficult to ignore it.

In this text, we want to give you 5 smarter things to do, instead of watching TV. When you get back from work or from wherever you sit and turn on TV, consider whether it might be more useful to do something else. So let’s start the adventure.


  1. Read books!

Although much of the material in both the written and the video format is available on the Internet today in just one or two clicks of us. But the good old books will never go out of fashion.It is the simple need for people to come up with the useful knowledge they can apply in this way your life.

There are so many good books written and translated into our language of various topics, so you simply do not have an excuse unless you want to read and try to justify the team so that no book is interesting to you.

Are you interested in business and marketing? There are a lot of books about it. Spirituality and religion? More and more books appear on this topic every day. Maybe autobiography of successful people? And there are as many as you like. Looking for expert literature on, for example, arranging the yard? And you can find it in your bookstore.

Everything is there and almost everything is already written. You just need to read. To begin with, of course, those areas which are most interested in you. If none of the available literature is interested in you, then probably the thing is not in the choice of books, but perhaps that you do not have a built-in reading habit … However, like any habit, this can also be formed (and it really is never too late).


  1. Do your business!

In the meantime, we do not think that you are going to work in your spare time, but rather thinking about where you are currently, from where you went from and where and how you plan to arrive. Analyzing the current situation in the field of careers or work can greatly correct the results you achieve on it. The analysis is also a key element in advancing and increasing earnings. A correct analysis will answer you what is going well and what is not, what is worth your time and what is not. In this way, you will be able to devote more time to what is good and what is going on, and what gives you no results to pay more attention and do not spend a precious time on it.


  1. Spend quality time with your family!

Nowadays everyone complains that they do not have enough time and that they simply do not have to devote their time to the family and spend quality time with so many jobs and obligations. The research shows that an average person spends about two hours each day watching TV. Is not it better to use that time just for the family, instead of looking at who killed someone and where a tornado happened?


  1. Start training or go for a run!

Instead of staring at the TV screen, being inactive and poisoning your mind mostly with irrelevant or negative information, it’s better to start and use that time to bring your body to better shape. Some of the ideas are certainly to do the training at home or in the gym, to go for a run, to swim or the like, or even for a walk.


  1. Work on self-education and self-awareness!

A very large number of people today suffer from various diseases, and a very common cause is an unhealthy diet. There is so much information available on the Internet today about healthy eating that you will need months and years to read and watch all of it. So start from something and start to change your diet for the better. By studying healthy nutrition, you will find that they are often the healthiest and most vital of those who feed raw and who do not bring a lot of calories into their body during the day. Nutrition is valid for any other area of interest and can improve the quality of your life.

* * *

For any of these five ideas to decide, it will be, in most cases, more useful than watching TV. However, those who still want to spend a good part of their time during the day see