Loud snoring other than being stressful to your family members and partners can be very dangerous to your health and is not for jokes.

Snoring occurs because of vibrating the soft tissue of the oral cavity and the pharynx during sleep.

It usually is occasional, chronic or habitually with or without a pathological apnea.

Snoring problems are difficult to solve, especially if a person suffers from sleep apnea. One of the new ways to solve this problem are sleeping pillows, appliances and a snoring nose ring.


Apnea in your sleep can endanger your health

Apnea is the occurrence of breathlessness during sleep and a normal occurrence during the REM sleep phase.

If breathing in adults is longer than 10 seconds, or for children longer than 3 seconds, it is time to react as soon as this breathing stop duration is not normal.

The frequency of apnea longer than 10 seconds and more during one hour of sleep is considered pathetic.

Obstructive sleep apnea is much more dangerous than snoring. At the onset of this phenomenon, the air flow in the gutter and the nose ceases, the gutter for the passage of air closes.

In these situations, the body tries to overcome the flabbiness of the musculature and enhances the effort of the abdominal wall and thorax. Obstructive apnea can last for longer than 2 minutes. Thereafter a restoration of breathing and snoring occurs.

This condition is usually not recognized and often does not cure even when the symptoms are expressed. OSA is 4 times more common in men than in women.

Symptoms of apnea are:

  • Very loud snoring in 80 to 85% of cases.
  • Lack of air in the sleep.
  • Restless sleep and difficulties related to sleep interruption.
  • Daily fatigue.
  • Poor concentration.
  • A constant morning headache.
  • Waking with dry mouth or a sore throat.
  • Lack of attention and irritability.

The onset of apnea may depend on several factors. Most commonly are associated with overweight, high blood pressure, short and wide neck. Also includes: enlarged extremities, nose polyp, and the use of cigarettes and consummation of alcohol.

Treatment of this disease is necessary because the long-standing presence of elevated pressure and heart rhythm disorders caused by cessation of breathing in the sleep may lead to sudden cardiac death.


The Magical Nose Ring!

Oral assistants can perform the treatment the snoring. They are most commonly used to hold the lower jaw or prevent mandibular feeding into sleep.

The use of aids for treating snoring is becoming more and more widespread. One of the most famous aids is the snoring nose ring.

The ring consists of two buckles in which there are natural magnets that during stimulation stimulate nerve sensors in the nose.


Only some of the benefits of this nose ring are:

  • Opens the nasal cavity and improves airflow;
  • Changes the habits of breathing in the mouth;
  • Alleviates and prevents snoring;
  • Improves sleep quality;
  • It can be used for all forms of the nose;
  • Can be used multiple times;

Using the snoring nose ring is very simple – it simply inserts into the nose before bedtime. The users commented that they did not mind sleeping, nor did they press the nostrils as you turned to bed. The ring will instantly help to disperse your nostrils. Also, make it easier to sleep, and the real results will be visible after 10 days.

Regardless of popularity, all otorhinolaryngologists do not agree on success.

“There is no evidence of the effectiveness of the snoring nose ring. It comes in the eye only in very rare cases of problems at the entrance to the nose, and then only as a short-term solution. ” – states the Synthesis Polyclinic.


Pile of buckwheat shells

Flexible scallions of buckwheat are used in pillows as they act on the massage of the cervical vertebrae. The muscles of the upper part of the back and shoulder. The composition stimulates blood circulation in the tissue, which helps with faster relaxation, easier sleep and better sleep quality. The this pillow is used to alleviate snoring because it makes sleep much easier and more comfortable. They are airy, do not heat up and prevent the formation of mites and are excellent for use with allergists.


These cushions will ease snoring. It will allow the relaxation of muscles of the neck and shoulders. The pillow can be used for up to 7 years, and to ventilate it enough it is to put it on the sun.

You can buy buckwheat pellets from buckwheat snow wears in bio shops, and prices range from $150-300.


Physical activity and nutrition can affect snoring

  • In addition to sleeping aids like special pillows, appliances and buckles, snoring can be relaxed and even prevented by changing some lifestyle habits.
  • As one of the main causes of apnea and snoring is increased body weight, this is the first step you need to start.
  • You can achieve weight loss through various infants, but it’s best to start with movement and gentle exercise.
  • Working on weight will be difficult at first if you have problems with apnea. Given that it causes both fatigue throughout the day, and narcolepsy.


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