The winter season tests our temptations with inescapable festivities and drinks that come with social gatherings.

But you can enjoy some of your favorite treats during the holiday season without completely giving up on training.

Personal trainer Joe Masiello advises that you are already setting goals for January so that you do not get too relaxed and stop practicing. Your body will not be struck by the next summer. Nutritionist Amy Shapiro emphasizes the avoidance of stretch clothing during the winter months as she might be deceiving you.


How to workout in the winter?

When the November knocking on the door, the weather gets colder and you begin to look for excuses just to stay indoors. However, exercise in these circumstances does not have to suffer.

Set New Year’s Goal – Sign up for a race or schedule a group fitness in January to stay motivated during the holidays.

Work plans from month to month. In November there will surely be even more beautiful days. So, use them to stay outdoors. In December, join the gym or go out with any kind of sport activity inside. When the holidays pass, you will be caught by a panic if you are too lazy and punched excessive pounds. Avoid this!

Practice many times a bit – Many think it is necessary to extract an hour a day for exercise and it slaughters them immediately at the beginning.

However, this should not be the case at all. Personal trainers say that regularity is more important than lasting. It’s OK if you exercise and ten minutes a day, mainly to encourage circulation. Walk through the street, climb up and down the stairs or stretch a series of abdominal and bumps.


Do not lose control of food!

Winter does not mean you can fully enjoy the fatty foods and delicacies. Anyway, you can honor yourself if you stick to the plan, Daily Mail reports.

Plan the size of a portion – Experts advise you to eat from a smaller plate, as you will put less food on it. Half of the meal should include vegetables, a quarter of the protein, and the second quarter something that you just eat at that moment.

Avoid Sugar Beverages! Fried juices and cocktails quickly fill your body with calories. You’d rather be honored with a glass of wine or beer … Or, with some natural juice.

Eat something protein around 17 hours – afterwards you will not feel the need for food anymore. The body needs more time to digest the protein, so you will feel a little longer. Stretch out for Greek yogurt with fruit or humus with vegetables.

Avoid stretch clothes – Pants for a yoga or a comfortable sweatshirt are the first choice when you know that you will eat a lot. But experts say that you will eat so much more than you would wear jeans.