Clogged sinuses are not fun. Not at all. They cause headaches, they make it difficult to breathe, you hear less (because they tend to equalize pressure). It happens to all us to wake up in the morning of a stuffed nose. Especially during the season of allergies. That’s why we bring you this incredible method of releasing the channels and releasing the sinuses.

Still, you can clean them for 20 seconds by simple acupressure, without inhaling hot steam. Also without the inhaler (which destroys the mucous membrane in the long run), and most beautiful, this trick works regardless of whether reason for clogged sinus colds, allergies or something else.

How to do this procedure?

This is an incredibly easy and effective method to empty the sinuses and get rid of the accumulated mucus, without any pharmaceutical products.

Of course, this is not a method that can be cured of causes, but it can help in critical situations. It would be good and to include spicy and bitter foods in the diet, because it works against clogged sinuses and nasal cavities side. In addition, you can hold on the forehead sea salt, heated to 40 degrees and wrapped in a handkerchief.

Press the tongue on the palate, and place your finger between your eyebrows and press. Hold for 20 seconds and sinuses will begin to clean. When you press the tongue, do not aim at a certain place, but rather press the whole palate. When you relax your tongue, you should feel a slight stir in the back of your throat.

The nose should leak immediately and the sinuses release the piled mucus. During this exercise, the bones around the side nasal cavities move a little and thus release the channels.