Small changes in everyday habits can lead to a better quality of life. Be healthier, relaxed, relaxed, more satisfied, more focused, in one word – more vital.


  1. Work on adopting healthy habits!

Healthy habits are not adopted overnight. According to some sources, it takes at least 21 days for an action to become a part of everyday routine. In this process, the most important thing is to keep up-to-date decisions. For example, going to sleep always at the same time or saying “No” to an unhealthy meal.


  1. Focus on morning rituals!

By the morning, there is a real day, so before you go into the chase and face everyday commitments, take a little time for yourself. The guy from the Guerrilla Girl morning begins with five steps that are easy to perform, and they are important for a successful day. The first step is early recovery. Although most will not like it, this is one of the key steps.


  1. Follow the principles of digital detox!

To connect first and foremost to yourself, but also to other people, it is necessary, at least sometimes, to distance yourself from technology. Therefore, Rita from the Magma portal conducted a digital detox. She selected five activities that will replace the time otherwise spent on the Internet. The one we like most is reading a book.


  1. Find time for yourself on a busy schedule!

Ten minutes of meditation or the most natural walk in nature can greatly help you to achieve balance in everyday life. Cheats are Lydia from the blog My Little Zagreb, which just by such simple activities finds time for itself.—499510.html