The easy availability of honey on the market raises questions about its quality, so it’s a great help to know the difference between the actual and the artificial product. Although it is important to know that only with a detailed analysis you can check the true composition of the honey, there are some tests that help to discover the origin of this most natural source of health.


  1. Label

Reading the composition on the back of the jar of honey is the first step that helps in choosing quality, clean honey that does not contain any additives. That is, producers must specify the composition of honey and its percentage in quantity.

  1. Stickiness

Natural honey is not sticky. You can do this by rubbing honey between your fingers. If it is true, it should be soaked in the skin. If with the frying mass becomes sticky, it contains sugar and artificial sweeteners.

  1. Caramelizing

Put a few tablespoons of honey in a bowl and then heat it to the highest temperature in the microwave oven. The actual honey will be caramelized, while the artificial will become foamy and full of bubbles.

  1. Paper

A few drops of honey on toilet paper also reveals the purity of the composition. That is, if the honey does not penetrate the paper after a while, it means that it is clean. On the other hand, one containing water in its composition will penetrate the paper in just a few seconds.

  1. Ants

The trick that the bees serve in defense of an unwelcome guest in their hive, such as the ants, is a sure test of the properness of the honey. So you need to put some honey near the ants and if it is natural, they will bypass it.

  1. Water

The water mixed with pure honey is the easiest indicator of the composition of honey, that is, pure honey in the water will clot and fall to the bottom of the glass, while the artificial will begin to melt.

  1. Tingling

Tingling in the mouth and a feeling of burning tongue causes only pure, natural honey, artificial while no such effect on the palate.

  1. Bread

Spread the honey on a piece of bread. Under pure honey, the bread will become hard, while the fake will wet the surface, of course, because of a large amount of water in its composition.

  1. Yolk

Stir honey with a yolk egg. If the honey is clean, when you blotch the bile, it will appear to be cooked.

  1. Crystallization

Pure honey crystallizes over time, and the false and after long use keeps the liquid composition as syrup.