Depilation of the bikini zone is among the most irritated women’s rituals of dressing. A new study has found that most women fully or partially remove pubic hair, can seriously harm their health.

Removing the pubic hair is probably part of the beauty that the ladies mostly hate. While some girls depilate this part of the body, about 90 percent of their pubic hair is removed by a razor, which can be dangerous.

Women do not understand the risk of shaving the intimate part of the body. It is because the razor does not pose any risk of shaving other parts of the body.

A study in America has shown that as many as 87 percents of women completely or partially remove pubic hair from a shaver. The problem is that the skin in this part of the body is extremely sensitive. It is much more sensitive than the skin on the legs. For example, micro-wounds can form from shaving – injuries that do not always have to be visible.

However, the fact that the wounds are small does not mean they are harmless. Sweat glands are located in this part of the body. It means that the surface is wet and dark, and therefore suitable for the development of bacteria. Especially if you have a small wound through which the bacteria and viruses enter. Thus, “girls are more susceptible to various infections, including sexually transmitted diseases, due to the shaving of an intimate body part.

Some experts believe that girls should not even remove the pubic hair because they protect them from infection. But if you don’t want hair down there then use the new razor every time.

Also, after showering, just gently take the water with a towel. Do not rub your skin, because it’s more sensitive now when you have removed the hair. You should wear cotton panties so that the skin can breathe.