We have deeply moved in the season of flu and colds, which means that the tired cough and the sore throat should calm down. Fortunately, they can quickly and easily ease these natural herbal lozenges that you can do yourself.



– 1 cup of water in which medicinal herbs were soaked, fresh or dry (sage, thyme, a root of slag, slag, chamomile, mint)

– 1 and a half cup of honey



  1. Boil the amount of water that comes in two cups and add the selected herbs to the spring water. The amount of herbs depends on your preference, but one spoon of each herb is the smallest quantity that is effective. Leave the plants to soak for 20 minutes and then remove them from the pot.
  2. Into the second cooking pot, pour one cup of water in which the plants are soaking and one and a half cup of honey. Set the temperature to medium power.
  3. Mix the contents at this temperature for about 30 minutes, or until it reaches 150 degrees Celsius. You can check if the mixture is ready by taking a small piece of the mixture and lowering it into ice water to see if it will immediately harden. This piece should be firm enough to break if dropped onto the kitchen cushion.

Also, you can stop cooking when you see that the mixture begins to froth and detach. Then it is important to quickly remove the gas container so that the mixture does not warm up.

  1. Transfer the mixture to the antioxidant you previously lubricated with coconut oil and allow it to cool until you can touch it and quickly form it like a lozenge.
  2. Then paste the shaped pastilles onto the baking paper to completely cool and sprinkle with powdered sugar to prevent them from being blind to each other.


Source: https://zadovoljna.dnevnik.hr/clanak/domace-pastile-za-upaljeno-grlo—498202.html