Experts agree that changing lifestyle is the best way to lose weight. Rebecca Grafton has 139,000 followers on Instagram, and on this social network regularly gives tips for a healthier and more satisfied life

Rebecca Grafton of Philadelphia with kilograms has been fighting the whole life, and this problem has increased especially after finishing high school. After moving to her own home, she began to worry about her meals, she realized that she began to gain weight more seriously.

I came to this stage where I no longer recognized myself in photographs. I knew I had to do something, she admitted on my Instagram profile MyGirlishWhims.

When the scale began to show 111 kilograms, she decided to change her lifestyle, which helped her lose 45 kilograms in two years.


In her long-lasting weight loss path, three things helped her most:


  1. She started counting calories

I started using the calorie tracking application I entered into the body, but also those I spent exercising. That way I knew how much I can eat at any time.

  1. She had days for “cheating”

At the end of the week, she allowed the “sinister” snacks. It’s nice to be consistent in your diet and exercise, but allowing for sinful bites can also be helpful. As you will satisfy the desire for particular foods, and stay on track, Rebecca claims.

For breakfast, she usually ate an omelette with vegetables such as spinach and broccoli, and a sliced cheese, with a little Greek yogurt. She also drank coffee with milk.

For lunch, she ate a chicken roasted on a grill with a salad of pods and carrots, afternoon she would eat pastries with a little lamb, and for dinner baked salmon with grills, small sweet potatoes, and asparagus.

It was also occasionally allowed in desserts in the form of a chocolate protein tile.


  1. She practiced almost every day

The most important item in the Rebecca transformation was exercise. She drills almost every day for an hour. Sometimes he went to the gym to lift his weights, ride a bike, run or exercise at home with various DVD programs.

Every day combines strength exercises and cardio exercises, and on Sundays, it usually takes a break from exercising.

In itself, she found the greatest motivation for following these rules. Namely, when she began to notice changes in the body. She was so enthusiastic about the desire that she wanted to move on.

In addition, she launched the Instagram profile where she shared her recipes, gym salons.

Today, in her story many find inspiration, and on this social network follow more than 139,000 people