Surely you are already eagerly waiting to finish this year and start the new one. In anticipation of the holidays and new beginnings, make this a nice test. Choose the Christmas tree that you like most and learn what year awaits you …

Christmas tree under number 1

You will have a successful year, in fact, it will be one of the most successful in your life. It is very important to properly set your priorities, to select the goal that is especially important to you and not to spend power and energy on other things. You will achieve great success if you choose the right direction from the very beginning.

Christmas tree under number 2

The new year is very promising for you. Suddenly it seems the whole world thought of you and all that you have become necessary for everyone. It’s really like that. You will have many plans for all living areas. You will not be able to accomplish everything yourself, but some of the projects you are planning will lay the foundation for your future.

Christmas tree under number 3

You will have a very happy year. Even if you are in a bad mood, it will not stop you from having a good time in the new year. You will have many reasons for fun and fun. Your sincere smile will attract many good people, both at work and in private life.

Christmas tree under number 4

The year will be unusual for you. Even if they warned you in advance about something, you would not believe it. The next year will be so much different from your everyday life that you will not be surprised. Remember those unusual and new things are not always bad.

Christmas tree under number 5

The year will be very calm for you. You won’t be expecting any unpleasant surprises, everything will go as it should, just as you desired. Use this year to relax and gather strength to make a serious step forward.

Christmas tree under number 6

The year will be very romantic for you. Perhaps this will be one of the most romantic years of your life. You will feel tender and warm, and you will see the world through pink glasses. The year will give you the most sublime feelings and pleasure in life.

Christmas tree under number 7

The year will be very generous for you. You want a lot of things. You want everything that comes to your mind. Someone will carefully listen to your wishes and will accomplish it from time to time. But beware, because fulfilled desires sometimes do not bring happiness. Be careful what you want, because it can be done.

Christmas tree under number 8

The next year will be a fairytale. Even if you are skeptical and cynical, this year something wonderful and great will happen that you will not be able to find a scientific explanation. You will live in a fairytale and you will turn yourself into a hero who will beat the dragon.

Christmas tree under number 9

You’ll have a good year. The world will hide its teeth and claws and will sing lullabies to you. It will change your view of the world. You will feel the universal goodness. Also, you will realize that goodness is the weapon that gives the greatest protection.