In recent times, there has been much discussion of whether wearing bra causes saggy breast or preventing it, or causing breast cancer. Many women find this very confusing in terms of the effects that bra has on their body.

Primarily, the bra support breasts, particularly large breasts, and their purpose is sometimes irreplaceable. Women with large breasts often feel uncomfortable and even sometimes have back pain if they do not wear a bra. Not all types of the bra are equally useful. The latest models that can make your breasts look bigger or higher can also cause some serious health problems.

Why is wearing bra bad for your health?

One study found that wearing a bra can cause breast cancer. This theory is based on the way the body purifies of toxins, as well as the order of the results of the risk of breast cancer of women who were wearing a bra and those that are not.

The same idea was supported by anthropologists Singer and Grismaijer, authors of the book “Dressed to Kill: the link between bra and breast cancer”. The book explained that compromised lymph flow causing tight bra can increase the risk of breast cancer. The study included over 4,000 women.

The findings:

– Three out of four women wearing bra 24 hours a day had a risk of developing breast cancer
– One of the seven women who wore bra 12 hours a day, taking it at bedtime, has a chance to become ill
– One of the 52 women who wore bra less than 12 hours a day bears the risk of disease
– One of the 168 women who does not wear a bra or wear it very rarely bear the risk of the disease.

Singer and Grismajer have also observed past habits in wearing a bra. This is extremely important when studying a disease that takes a lot of time to develop.

Health experts and scientists support the idea that wearing a tight bra may interrupt the outflow of the lymph, which can lead to the development of breast cancer. Due to the fact that the function of the lymph is eliminating toxins that enter the body irregular. For example, one potentially dangerous source of toxins that can accumulate in the lymphatic tract is aluminum-containing antiperspirants.

What can you do to reduce your risk?

If you want to reduce the possibility of compromising the health of your breasts, which dependents on lymph circulation, you need to consider several factors. The degree of blocking the lymphatic circulation depends on the style of the bra, its size and the time it is worn.

You can avoid lymphatic circulation problems if you wear a bra of the appropriate size. Don’t wear one that is the result of the last fashion trend. It would be ideal to avoid wearing bra completely, but it takes some time to adapt to that habit. You may feel embarrassment when your nipples are visible or a lack of support that you are used to. To avoid it, try to wear undershirts that have sewn sponge’s narrow cannons without bumps under the clothes. This will help you feel at least a little bit of firmness and support provided by the bra.