We have been lurking around to find out more and more remedies. However, there are some remedies that we do not know about.  

This is a homeopathic remedy made from a toxin poison.

Spider-based medicine treats persons from creative but often angry, impatient people who are pretty cunning. People using this medicine are hyperactive toe from restless legs, jerking muscles. Hurry in everything they do, work in short terms, overly tiresome, but show great endurance and strength.

They are very marvelous, they are prone to competition, they can work in more places or in parallel to study and work, and so on. In addition, they are regularly and physically active.

Slow people often lose patience. They have a pronounced sense of rhythm while the students listen to music in the background. Also like music, dance, and dance. And they usually play piano, knit, or practice their fingers in some other way.


They do not stand red, green or black, so they do not like wearing clothes in these colors. Some of them are defenseless, cunning and skillful in pranks, hiding and making them sick.

Suddenly destructive behavior can be accompanied by laughter. Hysteria calms down with music or ends with laughter and apology. It is also characterized by intense sexuality, erotic mania. They dream fantasy dreams, and in the morning when they wake up the bed is a mess, the bedding is crushed and scattered.

These people are suffering, that is, this medicine helps with restlessness, twitching, twitching and tics, tumors on the testicles or on the ovaries, back pain, sciatica, heart palpitations, angina pectoris and heart valve diseases, diabetes.


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