People take a certain posture unconsciously and so the subconscious manifest their hidden instincts and desires. Psychologists who study the “body language, “says poses that people take while sitting can reveal many things about their intentions.


Pose A

People who usually sit in such a position like not to notice the problems. They are guided by the principle – If the cover with a blanket over my head, the monster will go away. They believe that everything will be solved by itself. Sometimes, such an approach works and then they are happy about it but when it doesn’t they transfer the problems to someone else’s shoulder.

With such people it is very easy to communicate, they are not boring, easy to switch, rarely “chew” the same thought during the day. They are creative, charming and a bit infantile. Such people often know how to say something first, and then think about what they said.

Pose B

People who choose this pose for sitting are dreamers, they have a well-developed imagination and love potential. Among these people, often is the one they call “the soul of a company”.  With them is never boring and constantly generate new, sometimes incredible ideas.

Such people love traveling and easily create new friendships. It is unlikely that they will wait patiently on Monday, or New Year, to start a new life page. Why – because everything can begin right away! They don’t think for a long time. They change their look, partner, job, city or even state – for them it’s a completely normal thing.

Pose C

People who put their feet in this way, know more than others about how to be comfortable. They may not go over the weekend in a shopping marathon, hoping to create the perfect image, because they want to spend enough time on it to choose a new perfume or cream. Their relationship with their clothes, in fact, can be very complicated. In this sense, these people are very fastidious and capricious.

They are often surrounded by “chaos”, but in what others consider to be chaos, there is a certain logical system – the owner can find all the necessary things with closed eyes. Their “weak link” is the inability to focus on something specific. They cannot concentrate for a long time, and they also easily get off- topic.

Pose D

People who like sitting in this position usually do not like to be late, and they themselves can hardly bear when someone else is late. They are smart and intelligent, vulnerable, feel that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel. They also feel a little uncomfortable if someone else demonstrates their feelings in public (and it does not matter whether it’s a “passionate” kiss or a bickering with a spouse).

If a man likes to sit and put his legs on, and relies on the whole foot, then he is quite open, straightforward, and maybe a little arrogant. Meticulous by nature.

If persons sit in this position and like to raise the upper part of the foot, relying on heels, be sure that such a man, albeit seemingly restrained, is always ready to confront everyone and everyone. The world is for him a hostile environment. He considers his house – in some way a type of shelter, fortress, behind whose walls can be hidden from all the misery. Any objection to his account is considered as an allusion that something is wrong, and is currently moving to counter-attack.

Pose E

People who like this way of sitting, as a rule, do not hurry too much to get married. They do not hurry to have children before they get an education and build a career because they think it’s best for them.

They are characterized by perseverance, which sometimes passes into stubbornness and rush towards the goal of life. These people ambitions encourage them to forget about the whims and move forward – to the place where dreams are achieved.

To them, the look is extremely important. They make much effort to maintain the ideal form. In the depths of the soul, somewhere deep, there are small uncertainties in themselves, and often poorly receive criticism, even the constructive and friendly one.