Admit it, at least once in your life, you were sitting on a toilet and looking at the mobile phone. According to various surveys, 92 percent of people in the toilet check social networks, while 30 percent talk on a phone while they’re on a toilet.

And this post you might read it in the bathroom. As much as it seemed to everyone enjoyable and time-saving, it’s not all that positive in this modern habit, experts say.

Except that research shows that we are losing twice as much time on the toilet as otherwise if we use mobile. Also are intimidating the ways of spreading bacteria by this way.

This carries a risk of infection, not only for yourself but also for the people near you, according to a study published in the journal “Clinical Microbiology Diary”. The study analyzed the behavior of health workers – from their hygienic habits to wearing a mobile phone in the toilet.

There are more bacteria in the cell than in the toilet!

It was discovered that the phone of those carrying them in the toilet, is filled with dangerous bacteria, such as staphylococci. Also, these people are at high risk of salmonella, echeria cola, stinging and campylobacteriosis, which through small particles enter small folds on the mobile.

The main problem arises if you wipe yourself, touch the cistern and then the phone before you wash your hands. It is interesting that if you leave the phone at a side, for example, on the washing machine, it may be exposed to bacteria.

If you still do not want to give up the habit of going to the toilet with a mobile phone, health experts advise that at least take certain measures.

“While you sit on the toilet, hold the mobile in your right hand. When you want to wipe, switch the phone to the left of your hand, wipe the right and let the water go, then put the phone (still in your left hand) wash your hands, “Dr. Lisa Okli, Hygiene Expert, admonished, adding that it is very important to keep in mind what you are touching.

“If you take your mobile phone right away after you finished, you do not even have to bother to wash your hands because all the bacteria that you have transferred to your phone will be on your hands again. the person who used the toilet, “Dr. Okli concluded.

Clean your phone every day with alcohol

Do not clean the touch screen devices with paper napkins or other wipes because they can create thin scratches on the surface of the screen. For cleaning, use microfiber cloths that are sufficiently mild and apply a little alcohol to them. After cleaning, wait for ten minutes and then turn on the appliance. Repeat every day.