Your Hand looks beautiful and neat, but you need to keep your nails clean. If you have dirt under your fingernails it is necessary to get rid of it as soon as possible, so that it did not have the time to dry and penetrate deep into the nail.

Removing dirt under nails should become habitual every day, with washing and brushing. It’s better to do this procedure in the evening, before bedtime, when you have already taken a shower, and you know that today you no longer have to deal with “dirty work.”

“If it’s important for you, not only the appearance but also the healthy nail state, in any case, it should not be used to clean sharp metal objects (nail polish, nail polish, etc.), and their use can easily damage the inner surface.

It is better to use a wooden manicure stick and a small soft brush. The most effective cleaning of dirt under nails is possible, use a brush and then a wooden stick. The brush previously recommends soapy softens

Whitening Underneath Your Nail Lemon

It is time to clean dirt and underneath the nail using nail aids fails.In that case, lemon helps a lot. Take a slice of lemon, squeeze your juice in a small bowl with water and dip your fingers in it for 10-15 minutes. You can simply cut the lemon on the pole and nail stick in the meat. Then rinse your hands or wash them in the warm water pool and rinse.

In order to unite this process can be a lifetime for hands. For its preparation, you need to take a little vegetable oil, a teaspoon of honey and raw yolk. Mix all the ingredients and put the resulting mass in your hands. Then wrap them in a thin and leave in this condition for 30 minutes, then rinse and spread the hands of the moisturizing cream you usually use. The result will surely radiate, and the nails are clean and the skin becomes soft and beautiful.

Prevention of dirty nails

The most common dirt under the nail appears after working in the garden. If it is not too rooted, then remove it without any effort after washing your hand with soap or shower. However, before working in the garden, it is better to wear rubber gloves so that the dirt does not get underneath your nail.

If you do not have gloves on your hands before work, you can scratch your nails with an ordinary dry soap. So it can well protect your nails from getting dirt on them. In the absence of other medications, you can use a medical patch: simply put it on top of the fingers, and then your fingernails will remain cleaner.