Have you ever casually noticed that you have hair on the nipples of the breasts? If so, do not worry, many women are actually faced with this situation, but they are ashamed to talk about it. Except for the nipple, hair may also appear on the earbuds, chin, and navel. These are three very common places where women suddenly notice hair.

When it comes to nipples, the hair usually grows on the outer edge of the alveolus.

Why do hairs appear at these places?

The leading cause of hair growth on unusual spots is hormone imbalance, most commonly occurring during pregnancy or menopause.

They may also be caused by certain drugs and supplements such as testosterone, danazol ( a synthetic hormone), anabolic steroids, glucocorticoids (steroid hormones) as well as psoriasis medicines, hair growth stimulation and epileptic control tablets.

What to do?

Although the sudden appearance of hair on unusual spots is not often a sign of a major health problem, it does not mean that you have to reconcile with them.

  • Tweezers

    The easiest option is your tweezers – simply pluck them. The only downside is that these places are very sensitive, but will hurt a lot more than when you pluck the eyebrows, particularly in the case of nipples.

    If you only have a few hairs- you can remove them in this way. You should have a good pair of tweezers that disinfect them before you start and that always drag the hair in the direction of growth. In this way makes it easier to pluck it from the root. It is also recommended that you do this after a shower when the pores are widened and the skin is clean. However, the water itself and the hair itself become bloated, so you have to be careful not to tear it. If you tear the hair, there is a danger that they will grow into and make you a problem.

  • Bleaching

    The smallest method, only effective if you have a light bend. The use of resources on the basis of hydrogen peroxide can whiten your hair so that they are lighter than your skin tone, and sometimes even more obvious than they were at the start.

  • Cutting with scissors

    The safest method – not painful. However, keep in mind that when you start to do this, you have to keep on regular: the hair will grow again, most likely in a couple of weeks. Maybe even thicker and more intricate.

  • Removal of wax

    If you have a lot of hair on the nipples try removing them with wax. Consult with your beautician whether your skin is more responsive to warm or cold wax. The hair will grow again for 3-4 weeks …

  • Laser removal

    Laser removal is known to be painful for many people, and quite expensive. But, it is also to be the most effective method if you do not want to have hair on the body.

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